Here is how Dhaba style Punjabi thali might help you in weight reduction
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Dhaba style Punjabi thali
Dhaba style Punjabi thali

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We hope you got insight from reading it, now let’s go back to dhaba style punjabi thali recipe. To cook dhaba style punjabi thali you only need 74 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

The ingredients needed to prepare Dhaba style Punjabi thali:
  1. Take For dal
  2. Use Toor dal
  3. Get Salt as per taste
  4. Prepare Haldi
  5. You need Water
  6. You need Butter
  7. Take chopped onion
  8. Take Jeera
  9. Provide Jeera rice
  10. Provide Rice
  11. Provide Jeera
  12. Prepare Salt as per taste
  13. Take Ghee
  14. Take Water
  15. Use Masala chaach
  16. You need Curd
  17. You need Water
  18. Take Salt as per taste
  19. Use Roasted jeera powder
  20. Prepare Sugar
  21. Use Black/Rock salt
  22. Provide Chaat masala
  23. Use For chapatti
  24. Provide Wheat flour
  25. Get Water as per required
  26. Use Red chutney
  27. Take Dried red chilli
  28. Provide Salt as per taste
  29. Use Garlic cloves 3-4
  30. Prepare Mustard oil
  31. You need Jeera
  32. Use Lemon juice
  33. Provide Parwal stir fry
  34. Provide Parwal
  35. Get Salt as per taste
  36. Get Haldi powder
  37. Use Onions sliced
  38. Prepare Green chilli
  39. Use Oil to cook
  40. Prepare For chicken curry
  41. Take Chicken
  42. Take Fried onions paste
  43. Provide Red chilli powder
  44. Get Salt as per taste
  45. Get Coriander powder
  46. Prepare Garam masala powder
  47. Use Cumin seed powder
  48. Get Black pepper powder
  49. Provide Ginger-garlic paste
  50. Use Curd
  51. Prepare Oil
  52. Prepare Whole garam masala 1-1 each
  53. Prepare For phirni
  54. Get Milk
  55. You need Soaked and coursely grinded rice
  56. Prepare Sugar
  57. Use Green elachi powder
  58. Use Kewra water
  59. Get Rose water
  60. Get Crushed dry fruits
  61. Get Mava
  62. Use Rajma masala
  63. Prepare Rajma
  64. Use Ginger-garlic paste
  65. Take Tomatoes 2 chopped
  66. Prepare Onion paste
  67. You need Red chilli powder
  68. Take Haldi powder
  69. Provide Coriander powder
  70. You need Garam masala powder
  71. Use Cumin seed powder
  72. You need Black pepper powder
  73. Get Green chilli
  74. Use Coriander leaves chopped handfull
Steps to make Dhaba style Punjabi thali:
  1. For dal… Wash dal thoroughly and now in a pressure cooker add dal, water, salt and haldi powder together and Cook for 4 whistles. Open the lid after some time and in a another pan heat butter and add jeera. When jeera starts cracking add onion to it. Fry till golden. Add tadka to dal..
  2. For jeera rice.. Wash rice thoroughly. Now in a tope heat oil after that add jeera to it and when jeera starts cracking add rice and water and salt together and Cook on high flame till first boil after that slow down flame and Cook on low flame till rice is done. (Approximately 10-12 min)
  3. For masala chaach… Take curd, water, salt, and roasted jeera powder together in a blender and blend it. Pour it in serving glass and sprinkle some jeera powder over it for garnish.
  4. For chapatti… Take flour and water and knead soft dough. Take a small portion and roll it in roti. Heat tawa and put the chapatti over it.flip the other side and Cook
  5. For red chutney.. Take dried chilli and boil it. Remove excess water.After that in a chutney jar add all the ingredients together and grind it.
  6. For parwal stir fry.. Peel and slice parwal finely. wash it, drain it and meanwhile heat oil in a pan and add sliced onions and chilli to the oil. When onions are translucent add parwal and other spices.
  7. Close the lid and cook for 10 min on low flame. After that open the lid and check out if parwal is done. Now switch the flame to high saute it till brown and oil separates.
  8. For chicken curry… Wash chicken thoroughly and allow water to risne off. Heat oil in a wolk and add whole garam masala. After that add chicken to the pan and saute for 5 min after that add ginger-garlic paste and saute again. Stirring continuously. Now add curd and all the spices and saute again. After that add fried onions paste and cook for 10 min. Now add fresh cream and add water to adjust gravy. Cook gravy for 5 min on high flame and Serve hot.
  9. For phirni…boil milk in a tope and reduce it to half after that add coursely grinded rice and cook on low flame till rice is done. At last add sugar and mava and all ingredients and dry fruits and cook till sugar dissolves. Garnish with dry fruits.

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