This is how Curry Noodle (Mee kari) can help you in weight loss
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Curry Noodle (Mee kari)
Curry Noodle (Mee kari)

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We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to curry noodle (mee kari) recipe. You can cook curry noodle (mee kari) using 31 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you do it.

The ingredients needed to cook Curry Noodle (Mee kari):
  1. Take A. Chicken Broth
  2. Prepare 1 whole Chicken (small size)
  3. You need 5 crushed garlic (chicken cavity)
  4. Provide 5 slices ginger (chicken cavity)
  5. Prepare 8 slices ginger
  6. Prepare 3 stalks lemon grass - bruised
  7. Get 5 garlic - crushed
  8. Take 2-3 tsp chicken bouillon powder
  9. You need B. Blend smoothly
  10. Use 1 large yellow/brown onion
  11. You need 1 stalk (7 cm) lemon grass - sliced
  12. Provide 2 inch galangal / ginger
  13. Prepare 6 garlics
  14. Use 8 candlenuts
  15. Take C. Curry Mixture (paste)
  16. You need 4 tbsp meat curry powder
  17. Take 2 tbsp ground dried shrimp
  18. Prepare 2 tbsp chili powder/chilli paste
  19. Provide D. Coconut Milk (add last to the broth)
  20. Use 1 tin coconut cream (see pic)
  21. Take 1 tin coconut milk (see pic)
  22. Provide 1-2 tsp chicken bouillon (or to taste)
  23. You need Salt (to taste)
  24. Take E. Accompaniments
  25. Take Yellow noodle or vermicelli
  26. Prepare (blanched/soften)
  27. Use Chopped Chicken (from A)
  28. You need Fresh washed bean sprouts (or blanched)
  29. Get Blanched Fish ball / fish cake
  30. Take Coriander/continental parsley (opt)
  31. Use (Chopped & sprinkle on top)
Steps to make Curry Noodle (Mee kari):
  1. Prepare the broth. See attached pic for broth. Chicken need to be fully covered in water. Cover & let boil. Once boil, removed lid let boil for 5-10mins. Turn heat to the mid lower setting & simmer for 25mins with lid on. Remove chicken from the pot & let dry. Prepare ingredients. See pic. Use pure coconut milk. See pic. Many brands add xanthan gum, thickener & many "non-coconut" extras in their canned coconut milk. Read label before buying canned coconut milk.
  2. Blend ingredients in B with a bit of water until smooth & pasty. Prepare ingredients in C with enough water to make a smooth curry paste. Heat wok/big pot with 1/2 cup of cooking oil. Add blended spices & sauté until translucent & aromatic. Add in curry paste. Keep stirring until aromatic for 5mins or more.
  3. Next, add chicken broth to the wok/big pot. Stir or whisk to combine. Let boil. Meanwhile, prepare accompaniments - blanch fishball/fishcake & yellow noodles or soften Vermicilli. Next, pour coconut milk into the wok/big pot of boiling broth. (Note: shake or whisk coconut milk in separate bowl as it curdle sometimes). Stir curried broth to mix. Taste & adjust seasoning accordingly. It should be lightly strong as blanched noodle/vermicelli is tasteless. Simmer until it bubbles then Turn off heat.
  4. Order to assemble - noodles/vermicelli, curried broth, chopped chicken, fish ball/fish cake, bean sprout. Serve hot. Assemble only before serving. Reheat curried broth (if necessary) just before serving. When reheating curried broth, turn off heat immediately right after broth just bubbled or boiled. Do not leave broth boiling too long as it has coconut milk that would turn oily when left boiling longer than necessary.

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