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South Indian sambhar dosa
South Indian sambhar dosa

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We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to south indian sambhar dosa recipe. To cook south indian sambhar dosa you need 15 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

The ingredients needed to prepare South Indian sambhar dosa:
  1. Use rice flour
  2. Get urad dal flour
  3. Get Yeast
  4. Get Salt to test
  5. Take arhar dal
  6. Take chopped mix vegetables ( carrot, French beans, kashifal e
  7. You need table spoon imli ka pulp
  8. You need sambhar masala
  9. Prepare red chilli sabut
  10. Prepare Oil
  11. Take hing
  12. Get onion chopped
  13. Provide Coriander leave chopped
  14. Use tomato chhopd
  15. Get Curry
Instructions to make South Indian sambhar dosa:
  1. Following steps are taking for making a dosa….. the urad dal flour and rice flour are mixed in a Big Bowl or containers. Any lamps should be broken. Water needs to be added to this making the better uniform.
  2. The better should not be too thick or watery. A teaspoon of yeast.and 2 to 3 spoon of warm water. Should be mixed in a small bowelto form a paste.
  3. This should be added to thedosa better and mixed this has to be added therequisist amount of saltand it has to be mixed ageing.3/4 th of a ladel has to b filled with dosa better and it has to be poured at the center of the pan.
  4. After this the better has to be spread. After spereding the dosa a besting brush has to be dipped in oil and oil has to be drizzled on the surface of the dosa. after some moment the dosa has to be filipd over and cooked for a min.
  5. After this it has to be folded and cooked for half a min.
  6. Following prosiger is follwd making sambhar…..
  7. The dal and vegetabls has to be cooked til it is mashy and soft. Then has to be kept aside. Oil has to be taken in a pan and heated.the ingredients for seasoning. The chopped onion have to be added to it. And it has to b saluted.
  8. The tomatoes have to be added to it a cooked couple of a minute minute. This is done to permit various flavours to combine with each other. The Dal has to be added to this mixture and the felevers.. have to be allowed to blend. Add to be sambhar Masala and imli ka pulp. And adequate amount of water has to be added to it to properly execute the dish. Cook for 15 minutes. Then now sambhar is ready.
  9. Ready to eat sambhar dosa. South Indian dasehra recipe.

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