Here is how Thai Curry • How To Make Thai Red Curry Paste

Thai Curry • How To Make Thai Red Curry Paste |ThaiChef Food
Thai Curry • How To Make Thai Red Curry Paste |ThaiChef Food
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We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to thai curry • how to make thai red curry paste |thaichef food recipe. thaichef food using 27 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

The ingredients needed to prepare Thai Curry • How To Make Thai Red Curry Paste |ThaiChef Food:
  1. Take 🟡Red curry Paste
  2. Prepare 6 pcs. Dried Red chili (big)
  3. You need 3 pcs. Dried Red chili (small)
  4. Provide 6 pcs. Garlic
  5. Get 2 pcs. Shallot
  6. Use 1 pc. Lemongrass
  7. Get 1 tsp. Galangal
  8. Use 1/2 tsp cumin
  9. Get 1/2 tsp. Coriander seed
  10. Provide 3 pcs. Kaffir lime leaves
  11. Prepare 1 tsp. Shrimp paste
  12. Take 1 pc. Coriander root
  13. You need 1/4 tsp. White pepper corn
  14. Provide 3 tbsp. Vegetable oil
  15. Take 1 tbsp. Water
  16. Use 🟡Thai Red Curry Chicken with Pumpkin
  17. Take 3 cup Coconut milk
  18. Use 150 g. Red curry paste
  19. Get 5 tbsp. Fish sauce
  20. Prepare 1 tbsp. Palm sugar
  21. Take 1 tsp. Sugar
  22. Get 3 kaffir lime leaves
  23. Prepare 250 g. Chicken thigh
  24. Get 1 cup water
  25. You need Pumpkin
  26. Get Sweet basil
  27. Get 1 pc. Long red chili
Steps to make Thai Curry • How To Make Thai Red Curry Paste |ThaiChef Food:
  1. Red curry paste •Chopped all ingredients below and blend
  2. Reduce 1/4 cup coconut milk add Red curry paste get aroma • add chicken thigh and fried together with curry • add coconut milk 3 cup + water 1 cup • simmer approximately 30 mins • seasoning with palm sugar and add pumpkin • fish sauce and sugar • before serve add sweet basil + red chili and kaffir lime leaves

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