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Sate Padang Kuah-Kuning🇮🇩 Padang's Satay w Yellow Thick Sauce
Sate Padang Kuah-Kuning🇮🇩 Padang's Satay w Yellow Thick Sauce

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We hope you got insight from reading it, now let’s go back to sate padang kuah-kuning🇮🇩 padang's satay w yellow thick sauce recipe. To make sate padang kuah-kuning🇮🇩 padang's satay w yellow thick sauce you need 38 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you do that.

The ingredients needed to make Sate Padang Kuah-Kuning🇮🇩 Padang's Satay w Yellow Thick Sauce:
  1. Take Rump Steak beef,slice 1cm thinly, tenderize w acid fruits
  2. Provide then cut into even 1x2x3 cm pieces
  3. Get beef tongue, slice & cut into 1x2x3 cm
  4. Take beef heart, slice& cut into 1x2x3cm
  5. Get Bamboo skewers, soaked in warm water from the kettle for 1 hr
  6. Use For sauce:
  7. Prepare rice flour
  8. Provide tapioca flour or maidens flour
  9. Use Water from the kettle
  10. You need beef broth
  11. Take For spicy paste:
  12. Take fresh red chilies
  13. Use shallots
  14. Get garlic
  15. Get fresh ginger, chopped finely
  16. Prepare fresh galangal (lengkuas) chop finely
  17. Take or 1 tsp ground galangal
  18. You need fresh turmeric chopped finely or 1 tbs ground turmeric
  19. You need lemongrass, crushed on the white part
  20. Get whole rounded coriander or 1 tbs ground coriander
  21. Provide ground cumin
  22. You need Salt
  23. Get Spices: 2 star anise, 3 cloves, 1 tsp ground nutmeg
  24. Provide big white onion chopped finely, fried in oil untill dark brown
  25. Get salt
  26. Take white pepper powder
  27. Take Curry leaf
  28. Take Kaffir lime leaves or lemon leaves
  29. Provide Bay leaves (daun Salam)
  30. Take lemongrass, crushed on the white part
  31. Get Tamarind paste (1 piece kandis acid)
  32. Take ground fennel (optional)
  33. Prepare Rice Bran Oil
  34. Use Ketupat cakes(see image)or rice Lontong cut 2.5cm thick
  35. Provide Topped with crispy fried onions:
  36. Take big Onions,chopped finely.In a wok put 1cup of Rice Bran oil,
  37. You need Heat oil on medium heat,then put the onions&stir-fry until color
  38. Get golden dark brown, remove, set aside
Steps to make Sate Padang Kuah-Kuning🇮🇩 Padang's Satay w Yellow Thick Sauce:
  1. Put in a blender fresh red chilies,shallots,garlic,whole coriander,salt,star anise,cloves:blend them all into a fine paste.In a large wok put 4 tbs oil,heat the oil in medium heat then saute the paste,ginger,galangal,lemongrass until fragrant.Then put 900ml broth,the meat,fried paste,kaffirlime &bay leaves,cumin,salt.Turn on the heat.Towards the end of cooking, 20' before the meat is tender add the beef tongue&hearts.Cook until water runs out from the meat&the meat is tender.Turn off the heat.
  2. Remove lifting out the cooked meat,heart &tongue onto a large plate&filter on a colander the Spicy Broth onto a glass bowl.In a small bowl put the Rice flour,Tapioca flour&100ml of water;stir until dissolved.On the stove put a medium pot,pour the mixture into the pot,turn heat on medium:cook keep stirring until thick then pour the Spicy Broth,mix&cook while keep on stirring until combined.Season to taste.Turn off, remove the pot, set aside this thick yellow Satay Sauce for the beef on skewers.
  3. Insert the pre-cooked beef meat,tongue&hearts alternately into the skewers.With a large pastry brush, rub over the meat with steak fat oil then set aside on a large plate.To those who don't have a Charcoal BBQ can grill the meat on skewers under the grill of a preheated oven, turn the temp on high to 200 degrees Celcius.
  4. When the guests are coming,place the skewers under the grill,make sure that the fat oil is on all over the meat,keep on looking that the meat dont burn.When the meat is already golden brown cooked on one side then turn the skewers on the other side brushing again with the fat oil on the meat;watch out that the meat aren't burnt! Cook until golden.Remove all the skewers,put into individual plate,which base is covered with a large softened banana leaves&top with Ketupat rice cakes cut into chunks.
  5. To serve: on a plate, the base covered with banana leaf then top with Ketupat rice cake or Lontong rice (sausage shape)that are cut into chunk pieces. To serve the guests individually: Put 6 skewers on top of the Ketupat or Lontong, then pour the yellow thick Satay Sauce on top of the meat.Topping: sprinkle with abundant crispy fried onions. 😚😋

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